Across Canada, dams are used to store water for renewable energy and water supply, retain mine tailings, provide recreation opportunities and create wildlife habitat. Dams are owned by governments, electric utilities, industrial and mining companies, irrigation
districts, municipalities and private individuals. Dam owners face significant challenges in meeting their responsibilities and complying with regulations. Similarly, provincial agencies tasked with regulating dam safety are confronted with their own resource and legislative constraints.

The Canadian Dam Association 2017 Conference will examine these challenges and present real world techniques, potential approaches and useful resources for the benefit of the dam community and the public. Along with a technical program of presentations, workshops and technical tours, panel discussions will address topics such as regulatory compliance under budgetary constraints, and state of practice for tailings dams.

The CDA Conference is the annual forum for engineers, geoscientists, regulators, dam owners and operators, and others with an interest in dams. It is an opportunity to exchange ideas and information related to advances in design, construction, operations, maintenance and remedial works.