Keller has spent many years supplying the energy sector with efficient solutions to ground problems for the power industry.

Our crews and unique equipment allow us to complete any project, regardless of restrictions like the confinements of a coal fired plant and mountain terrain for transmission towers. We’ve designed and executed geotechnical solutions for bio, hydroelectric, fossil, nuclear, solar power, wind, and transmission and distribution so no matter the challenge, we can create a solution.

Our ground techniques allow projects to be constructed despite poor soil conditions. We execute our work safely around utilities at existing power generation and distribution facilities. Additionally, our capabilities with quality control allow us to prove what we design and install in the ground is to the laid-out specifications. By following procedure, we ensure successful completion of any project on any power generation site.

Tn Plant

Solar, wind, nuclear, hydroelectric, coal, oil, and natural gas.

Tn Transmission Line

Transmission lines, substations, and distribution lines, and more.