Keller works across Canada on many different types of residential developments.

Our projects range from single family homes to large, mixed-use urban residential projects that require deep foundations and earth retention structures. Keller has performed thousands of geotechnical solutions for homeowners, developers, and contractors alike.


Canada has an expanding residential multi-family development market.

Today, many young professionals and millennials are moving to urban cities. This migration has sparked urban communities to construct 3-4 story framed structures and multi-floor residential tower where Keller has been needed to provide foundation construction. Our solutions allow the best return on investment for these structures from zero lot line earth retaining solutions, to permanent secant walls that provide earth retention, to vertical support for your buildings. Keller also provides micropiles and jet grouting for underpinning adjacent structures. These techniques allow us to bring you a well-designed solution able to maximize your build footprint.

During construction, we can provide real-time monitoring of the building that is able to track and display movements or vibrations occurring. This allows your residents to go about their day in peace, without worrying about unnecessary disruptions.

Single Family

For single family homes, our solutions are quick, non-invasive, clean, and almost free of vibration and noise.

When it comes to single family home repairs, our work can be performed in tight access space, no matter inside or outside the home. We can correct settlement problems in a home using our underpinning techniques. These techniques ensure the aesthetics of your home remain unchanged because all work is completed below ground. Keller has degreed and licensed engineers on staff to ensure the highest quality work is performed. Your home is important to you, so we make it important to us to ensure the project is completed effectively and efficiently.