Keller installed 450 drilled shafts as well as provided a full-scale pile load test for a new grain terminal being built.

Our overall scope of work consisted of providing one full-scale, instrumented static pile load test, pile engineering and design, and subsequent construction of 450 CIP piles. The piles were 510mm (20”) diameter with depths ranging from 23 to 28m (75 to 92ft). The maximum test load reached 2,100 kN (472kip) which proved that the soil parameters originally stated in the geotechnical report were accurate.

Supply and installation

  • 1 full-scale load test to 2,100 kN/ (472kip)
  • 450 Cast in Place (CIP) piles
  • Pile diameters - 510mm (20 inch)
  • Pile depths – 23 to 28m (75 to 92 ft)

All work was completed on time, on budget with no rework while achieving an exceptional safety record of zero incidents. Designing new tooling increased productivity by 20%. Load testing data assisted in reducing the concrete required by 30% from 5,700m3 to 4,000m3.

Project Facts


Canadian Wheat Board

Main Contractor(s)

FWS Group

Keller Business Unit(s)

Keller Foundations Ltd.


Keller Foundations Ltd.