Foundation Repair & Underpinning is used to support foundations that alone cannot safely sustain existing or planned loads.

Common Uses

  • Elevate foundations or slabs that have settled
  • Enhance underlying soils that are weak
  • Stabilise sinkholes
  • Improve expansive or collapsible soils

Various types of rehabilitation techniques are used to stop or repair movements in foundations caused by settlement from underlying soils or lateral movements from adjacent excavations. We have the full range of these techniques to provide effective foundation restoration.

Compressible soils or debris that consolidate, oftentimes are found beneath foundations. Even competent soils can be weakened. In karstic regions, sinkholes can be a concern and cause buildings to settle as the underlying soil falls into the void in the bedrock. Improving these soils through can offer the required foundation support.

When treating the soil isn’t enough support, foundation underpinning can be used. These techniques circumvent underlying problem soils by instead using structural elements that transfer the foundation’s loads to underlying competent soils or bedrock.